Cats, Kittens & Puppies Collection

Cats, Kittens & Puppies Collection Products

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Playful Cat Hoop Earrings

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Dachshund Adjustable Ring/FREE with Any 2 Jewels


Cute Kitty Paws Studs

Silver and 18K gold-plated Silver and 18K gold-plated

Cute Puppy Pendant Necklace

Silver Silver

Dachshund Hoop Earrings

Gold Window Gold Window

Cute Cat Pendant Necklace

Gold Gold

'Cute Gazing Cat' Pendant Necklace

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'Greedy Cat and Fish' Bracelet

Gold Color Gold Color

Playful Cats Drop Earrings

£40 £39
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Aquamarine 'Playing Cat'Bracelet

Gold Gold

'Playful Cat' Pendant Necklace