Why More Angles

‘I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list' (Susan Sontag).

For all intense and purposes, we leave a trace of ink by ticking boxes and making crosses on our way as well.

Not only by means of travelling, but by experiencing life every day. At home. At work. On the train. On the plane. At the park. On the go. By the kitchen cupboard. In bed.

According to some quite accurate statistical data, on average, we spend about seven years of our life trying to get to sleep; about 13 years at work, four years eating, three years holidaying, 1 ½ years exercising and 1 ½ years romancing and about the same socializing. Wahoo!

And we are left with some ‘extras' – about eight years to do what we want.

Screen time takes up more than 11 years of our entire life. Our mission is to help you make the most of this time and if we can, even add up to the ‘extras'.

At MoreAngels.com, our mission is to create a unique source of inspiration for natural materials, precious stones, original curves and unique designs all easily available in our fashion and jewellery collections.
Our products are carefully selected to meet a certain simple criteria: be affordable, comfortable, nature-inspired and trendy.

Thank you for having us. A warm welcome! 

The team.