Are Adjustable Rings Good?

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If you are a ring person, this should definitely be your forte.

As we all know, rings are a pretty classic and popular jewellery piece. With tens or maybe more, of different types of rings out there and designs coming up with each trend, as we speak, we cannot but mention some of the most popular types of rings. 


Here's 25 types of rings that you might have not known have names:


Who invented rings?


Almost 5000 years ago, ancient Egypt was the first known culture where people would exchange "rings of love" often made of woven reeds or leather. It is said that the Egyptians saw the ring, a circle, as a powerful symbol.

It's interesting to know that throughout history, rings have been used to symbolise everything from devotion, fidelity and eternity, to the representation of a deity. However, the most common use of rings nowadays is the denotation of love in engagements and weddings. And last, but not least, a beautiful piece of jewellery to wear and treasure as part of our daily outfits.

Rings are generally two types - closed rings with a specific ring size and open, adjustable rings.


What is an adjustable ring?

An adjustable ring is a ring with a little gap and what it allows you to do is to expand it to about half a ring size. ... Adjustable rings are just much more versatile than traditional rings! So, if you like the look of rings and would love gifting them but are always unsure of the size and wonder if they would fit, then adjustable rings would be the perfect fit.


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How do you adjust adjustable rings?


Well, the answer is quite easily but with a touch of care. Here's a few tips to widen or adjust your adjustable ring:

  • Never pull metal directly outwards as the ring can stretch too much or even break if it's thinner or brittle
  • Twist the ring in the direction it has been bent to enlarge the ring


How to make adjustable rings smaller?


  • Push the ring gently inward in the direction it has been twisted to make it smaller


So, are adjustable rings bad or else?


It's fair to say that as long as adjustable rings are high quality and well designed, you would only be looking at the benefits of wearing or gifting one. 

  • The design benefits from an easily adjustable band
  • It fits a wider range of ring sizes
  • Can easily be gifted without a worry that it won't fit
  • They can be quite versatile and eye-catching and allow for a wider range of designs

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