The beauty of the Lotus flower

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No flower has a more spiritual presence than the Lotus flower. That's a fact.

But what makes this plant so captivating and sacred?



Anybody who has ever observed a Lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant. In fact, the Lotus slowly emerges from a pond over a three day period and then blooms in the morning until mid-afternoon.

Across different cultures...


Egyptians... Aside from the Victorian and contemporary meanings for the Lotus, there is a wealth of symbolism tying these flowers to Hinduism, Buddhism, and the ancient Egyptian’s religious practices.The ancient Egyptians used the plant extensively as a symbol in the paintings and carvings left on the walls of temples and tombs. Scholars believe the Egyptians viewed the Lotus as a symbol of rebirth because it appeared to sink at night and rise again in the morning.

Hindus... The Lotus meaning in Hinduism is a little different, as a symbol of peace and eternity. White lotus flowers are usually seen under the feet of deities like Lakshmi, Ganesha, and Saraswati.

Buddhists...The flower’s meaning in Buddhism is similar, but still unique again from the other meanings. The Buddhist Lotus represents primarily, amongst other symbolisms, Patience, Purity and Mysticism.


Lotus Flower Colours & Meanings


White: The white lotus flower and pink lotus flower from the Nelumbo family are seen as meaning purity and devotion.

Red, pink purple and blue: More passionately coloured red, purple, and blue Lotus flower blooms can take on a spiritual meaning of ascension, enlightenment, or rebirth.

Green: A green Lotus flower is a beautiful gift for anyone trying to improve their life and start good habits.

Yellow: Spiritual awareness and enlightenment 

Lotus is one of the few flowers that has fascinated mankind from time immemorial and inspires the human mind to achieve perfection, even in the adversities of life.

We can find true meaning in everything that surrounds us. The Lotus flower, however, with its immortal beauty, gives us no choice but to admire its enchanting beauty.


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