How to bring out your natural beauty?


Choose Unique Handcrafted Jewellery Pieces

Did you know..Brits spend an estimated £3 billion yearly on unwanted meaningless gifts? That surely can't be you.

A5.6 million Handcrafted pieces are purchased each year, by people living in England – for own use or as a gift.

Handcrafted goods have been making a comeback. The wise consumer is looking for something more personal and meaningful than wholesale products. 

We choose custom designs and ethically-produced and environmentally-friendly products.

Well, it goes without saying that we are strong advocates of handcrafted and meaningful jewellery and accessories.
Our nature-inspired jewellery is handcrafted as an authentic and more personal gift for your loved ones rather than a sweater that will hang in their closet never to be thought of again.

We give you 5 bullet-proof reasons to choose a gift of originality and authenticity for you and your loved ones this and any season.

    Each piece is handmade individually so there won't ever be 100% identical pieces, although we do strive for 99.9% :) You will be wearing a piece, specifically handcrafted for you.
    High quality materials used and great quality control of craftsmanship. Originality, creativity create the perfect synergy between precious stones and natural materials.
    There's something almost magical about owning a unique handcrafted piece of jewellery or accessory. It goes to say that smaller artisans craftsmanship enterprises are more environmentally conscious, advocating for sustainability.
    Handcrafted pieces are unique and thus inspiring. They don't follow trends and 'peaks' in fashion and certainly make a statement of being authentic and original in any occasion or event.
    It goes without saying that you can become the proud owner of an original authentic piece of nature-inspired jewellery or accessory at a quarter or even less of the price of any MASSIVE retail chain working with unthinkable mark-ups. 

What's it all about?
It really is about us, women, and the way we want to feel loved, appreciated and special!

Laura has got a set of these elegant 'Monstera leaves' earrings and she simply can't get enough of wearing them. 
I can't wait to wear these earrings more and more..'
''They look absolutely amazing and I am in love with my earrings and my 'Monstera leaves' matching ring!!'

Stephanie has got this beautiful 'Amber' Butterfly ring as an unexpected gift from her partner and is absolutely delighted with it.
'I am really happy with the ring and have had lots of compliments on it :) . Thanks again, form a happy customer:)' she says 

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Timeless & Elegant Jewellery without the High Street Price tag

View this stunning Handcrafted Honeycomb Home-guard Set

  • So, yes. It is about beautiful jewellery.
  • It is about handcrafted and mindfully made products.
  • It is about a balanced synergy between nature and us.
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'I like More Angles' jewellery because, as well as being a bit different from something you'd find on the high street, it's handcrafted and still affordable.'

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