A Quick 3-Tip Fix Guide to Mix & Match various Jewellery styles

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'Jewellery is like lollipops, there is always room for more'

We couldn't agree more. However, as with the many flavours of these lovely fruity lollipops, jewellery has various looks and faces and is worn for a few different reasons. It can compliment an outfit or just shine on its own. You would surprise yourself how many ways you could wear the same piece of jewellery and how you can match it to completely different outfits as well. Here's a quick guide of inspiration son how to mix & match your jewellery which, we admit, was quite an eye-opening for us as well.

From the depths of the Egyptian history, jewellery has carried its aura through the centuries and above all, it is a statement of personal choice. Regardless of trends and popular styles, it has beaten the heads of time. But aren't you curious what piece would look good on an outfit or a face and which wouldn't?

Women and Temptations..

When looking for jewellery, you can immediately feel those butterflies fluffing away, in fact, you find yourself looking at everything with excitement and awe of appreciation. However, would that look good on you? Would it be appropriate for the occasion and would it be the perfect fit to an outfit?

1. The syndrome of 'BIG' - wearing big watches, big bangles, heavy necklaces and dangle earrings. 

TIP: Perfect for an evening occasion, a date or a night out with a friend. A desire to be noticed and acknowledged. Worn with longer sleeves and outfits.

2. 'Small and Inconspicuous' - stud earrings, gentle pendants and high neck necklaces certainly fall in this category

TIP: Could be worn very casually, at work or at a business - themed event; travelling or special family or personal occasions.

3. 'Less is best' - choosing different precious stones and makes can be overwhelming.

TIP: Wearing a mix of silver and gold cannot always be the answer. If you decide to wear silver, white gold or even gold, just keep it unanimous throughout the day.

And remember, when wearing jewellery, it is important to wear pieces that you love and feel comfortable with. However, don't underestimate how they complement your outfit to complete a stylish and elegant look.

Now, go shine the day!

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